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Why Clean Your Air Ducts?

Would you be sorry to say goodbye to the dust mites, bacteria, mold, pollen, insects, rodents, animal dander mildew, construction debris and other dirt trapped in your heating and air conditioning duct system? Our customers are always amazed to discover the massive amount of dust and debris that O2PURE Air Duct Cleaning remove from HVAC systems. Our customers are always glad they made the decision to have their ducts cleaned.

Have you seen dust collect in inaccessible places in your home? If you forget to vacuum under your bed for a few weeks you will find large accumulations of dust. Can you imagine what you will find in a ventilation system that system that hasn't been cleaned in years?

The dirt found in heating and air conditioning ductwork is often composed of insects, rodents, dust mites, animal hair and dander, pollen, dead skin, cigarette tar, asbestos, fungi and bacteria. These contaminants can aggravate allergies, asthma, sinus conditions and headaches in persons who are sensitive. In its 1997 booklet, "The Inside Story, A Guide to Indoor Air Quality", the EPA reports that "People with breathing problems, allergies and lung diseases are particularly susceptible to disease causing biological agents in the indoor air. Contaminated central air handling systems can become breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and other sources of biological contamination and can distribute these contaminants through the building"

You will be guaranteed to find a massive accumulation of dirt in the ventilation systems in older homes, you will also surprisingly find dust and debris in newly constructed homes. In older homes O2PURE Air Duct Cleaning finds clumps of dirt and dust, while in the newer homes wood particles, sawdust, garbage and other debris is found. We often find food, soda and beer cans, left by construction workers in the ducts.

Many of our customer's area allergy and asthma sufferers who have been advised to have their ducts cleaned by their doctors. We receive positive feedback from a number of these customers, who say that the air seems cleaner and lighter since we cleaned their homes.

Not only will you rid your home or building of ridden dirt in your ventilation system, cleaning your air ducts can save you money by increasing the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. It can also help improve the life of your HVAC components.

How often should the ducts be cleaned?

We recommend every two to four years. If someone in your family has asthma or chronic allergies, yearly cleaning may be beneficial.

How long does it take?

O2PURE Air Duct Cleaning expert technicians and superior equipment will get your system cleaner, in less time, than any other company. Most home systems can be cleaned in 2 1/2 to 5 hours depending on the size of your home.

Is O2PURE Air Duct Cleaning's work guaranteed?

Yes. All cleaning services are guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied for any reason we will perform the service again at no charge.

Will it make a mess?

Our technicians are extremely clean. We protect light colored carpeting as all of our technicians wear booties and clean up thoroughly when they are finished.

Is it really worth the money?

Our satisfied customers think so. Your entire family will breathe easier, especially someone with allergies, asthma or other respiratory ailments. You will dust less often and reduce indoor air pollution. Your furnace will operate at its peak efficiency and reduce costs. All these benefits usually last two to four years and sometimes longer.

Should we move anything prior to O2PURE Air Duct Cleaning's visit to clean our vents?

Our technician will need access to each register opening, an area around the furnace to work and be able to park as close as possible to the furnace. Whatever you can do to make it more accessible to get to these areas for cleaning prior to us arriving on site will speed up the overall cleaning process.

Why do air duct cleaning prices vary from company to company?

Not all air duct-cleaning companies are the same. When calling or researching to have your ducts cleaned make sure the company is cleaning your entire system. It is vital to clean the main trunk line as well as each vent line, "source removal" being the best method. The objective is the complete removal of all dirt, debris and other contaminants. Our belief is that spraying chemicals in your ducts may cause more damage to your health than if you don't! Think about this! Would you want to breathe unknown chemicals?

What causes indoor air pollution in commercial buildings?

Indoor air pollution can be caused by a number of different causes. Some of the most common are; intakes near loading docks, dust and debris from construction, improperly maintained ventilation systems and air filtration, leakage of automotive emissions from basement garages, infectious agents in ventilation air conditioning system, vapors from cleaning and copier chemicals, and germs from the occupants themselves.

How does indoor air pollution in commercial buildings affect people occupying them?

"The EPA estimates that combined medical costs including lost productivity and sick leave cost businesses up to $60 billion a year." Complaints from occupants are; employee sickness, including headaches, colds, allergies, nausea, and nose, throat and eye irritation. Asthma afflicts about 15 million Americans. The disease is the leading cause of childhood hospitalization and school absenteeism. (EPA)

Does cleaning our commercial building vents and system make it run better?

Yes, by cleaning your buildings ventilation system, the system will run more efficiently. By doing this you can save up to 25-30% in utility efficiency

What type of buildings can O2PURE Air Duct Cleaning service?

Schools, Restaurants, Hair Salons, Nursing Homes, Kennels, Cleaners, Laundromats, Office Buildings, Hospitals, High Tech Facilities, Laboratories, Manufacturing Plants, Townhouses, Condominiums & Apartments.

Why should our building air ducts be cleaned?

With the increasing global focus on environmental safety, building air quality has become very important. The growing number of lawsuits is an indication of this problem. Poor air quality is proven to affect the health of workers everywhere. According to environmental experts nationwide, many building air problems begin in the ducts. Carbon-containing dirt and moisture found in building ductwork and air-conditioning drip pans breed bacteria and mold. These contaminants float throughout the air handling system in the building. The first and least expensive step to eliminating these problems is to clean the building air handling system.

Building air quality problems can be solved in most cases by thorough cleaning of the ductwork.

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